Junior Golf

Student and Junior Members


The Student Golfer is a grade school or high school student who has paid dues or a college student less than 21 years old and playing on a Family Membership. The college age student must be carrying 12 credits per semester in a course of study beyond high school. A college student is no longer eligible to play on the family membership when the student obtains a bachelor’s degree or 5 years have passed since high school graduation, whichever occurs first. A college student who played on a family plan immediately before becoming ineligible may remain a member for the golf season in the year of graduation (or, in the case of a December graduate, in the year following graduation) by paying a fee of $500.00 provided that the student’s family retains their family plan membership.

The Junior Golfer is a member of a family who has a current Family Membership and has not reached the age of 19.

Playing Priveledges

No play is allowed during restricted times, such as scheduled events. Otherwise, you may make reservations and play, subject to the schedule shown below:

Monday All Day
Tuesday All Day
Wednesday Must tee off prior to 8:30 am and complete play by 11:00 am & may play after 3:00 pm
Thursday Must tee off prior to 8:30 am and complete play by 11:00 am & may play after 3:00 pm
Friday All Day
Saturday With golf shop permission
Sunday With golf shop permission

Rules For Student And Junior Members

  • Always check in with the Golf Shop before beginning play.
  • The practice area may be used at the same times as specified on page 14.
  • Stoughton Country Club golf carts can only be rented and operated with a valid driver’s license. Parents who allow their children to drive their private carts are responsible for and/all damages that may occur. It is recommended that parents accompany their children when they allow them to drive their golf carts.
  • Junior and Student members are eligible to pay the yearly fee and have their clubs stored in the Golf Shop. Lockers are not available for rent to Junior and Student members at this time.
  • Food and soft drinks may be ordered from the club when the bar and restaurant are open. Food and beverages should be ordered from the lobby. Charging is permitted only with permission from the member’s parent or guardian.
  • The Lake Kegonsa Room is off limits unless supervised by an adult.
  • Loitering anywhere inside the club, including the Golf Shop is not permitted.

Group Golf Lessons For Juniors

2022 Junior Lessons begin on June 17th and continue through July 22nd, which is the Junior Club Championship. 

This program has been an important part of our club since 1974. The groups meet Fridays at scheduled times during the summer months for instruction on golf, golf etiquette, and participation in special golf events. The price of this program is $100.00 and includes 1-hour weekly sessions, prizes, and an after lesson snack. Any interested members should contact the Golf Shop at (608) 873-8464 for more information.

Beginner Classes: 9:00 A.M. Friday
Intermediate Classes: 10:00 A.M. Friday
Advanced Classes: 11:00 A.M. Friday

Summer 2023 Junior Golf Program Information/Signup